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The Obligatory "Not Dead" Post

...Plus some extra.

First off all, my fans/lovelies/friends/lurkers/etc. -- I can't thank you enough for the patience you all endure as a vicarious backlash from my crazy life. For the sake of my headache-ridden brain, cognition, and your near-death anticipation, I'll give you the cliff notes version since the last post:


-hating life
-hating counseling program
-loved neuropsych class
-boy-who-told-me-he-didn't-have-feelings-for-me-for-a-year asked me out (his name is Joe and he's a sweetie!!! Think on the same level as a Ryou Bakura...no joke. XD)
-being happiest girl in the world b/c Joe actually had feelings for me
-kung fu
-GRE studying (FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!)
-Kyle drama (friend...or ex-friend??? in Arizona)


-counseling practicum (seeing individual clients, paperwork of DEATH, group clients)
-client from group committed suicide
-questioning my purpose, life, career
-figuring out I need to hide what I really wanna do career-wise from psychologist-hater advisor from counseling program
-had to fight to stay in counseling program with psychologist-hater advisor
-emotionally drained b/c figured out I can't do extensive client-oriented work
-GRE studying
-take TWO GREs (general and subject test -- psychology)
-apply to one grad school b/c I didn't have the time or emotional will-power

Xmas Break:

-played the emotional rock for all of family happenings b/c my family's been emotionally going to shit since my grandfather died 5 years ago


-hoping to hell I got in to one of the two grad schools I applied for
-making multiple back up plans if I don't get in b/c I hate the counseling program that much
-lots of work I don't wanna do
-feel better emotionally from last semester tho. :)
-still in awesome relationship with Awesome Joe (Yep. That's his name now, lol).


I doubt I can give you a timeline to expect an update, but I'm suspecting I may go into a self-incurred writing marathon soon b/c I won't be able to discipline my self to do stupid counseling work that doesn't leave me engaged.

I have my fingers crossed. >:D

Hello, my lovelies!!!!

This HORRIBLE semester is finally over, I've even taken a few days for some internal recovery (yes, this semester has been that bad). And I'd tell you about it, but I reeeeeaaallllyyyy don't want to rehash some of the stuff. I don't think there's a reason to bring those bad feelings back up and not let myself get over them. You just need to know that it was bad, it's over, and I'm glad to have some time to do fic work this summer.

The only thing that is driving me up the wall right now is a good friend of mine is going through her first breakup ever, but she is keeping herself so stuck -- in wanting, hoping, and blaming herself (for no obviously good reason for the breakup, but some of the stuff she's immaturely done afterwards is up for question, but that's not what she's focusing on...). And it's agitating me, frustrating me, and actually making me angry. It's like she won't listen to anything I say even though she's asking for the help, and I'm the only one that will listen to her and recognize that this is a big thing for her and it's a tough thing for anyone who was as emotionally-invested as she was in a relationship. I hate my effing conscious because I want to just be done with it and tell her that I can't help her anymore because she obviously just wants to continue hurting and having people recognize it, but I would feel that I failed her as a friend. Baaaaaaaaaaaaahthefrustration. /rant.

So, ficcy-updatey-thingy: I am going to be working on chapter 19 this week. I don't know if I'll have it done by the end of the week, but I'd love to have it done before Memorial Day Weekend (which is the following weekend), so I can relax some more. I totally deserve it with the semester I've had. Looking forward to that. And writing for Kaiba.

But mostly writing for Kaiba. LOL!

~Til the next status update!

Quickie ("That's what she said!" LOL)

Just wanted to update you all...

...And let you know I'm still alive.

AND raring to go on fanfiction writing (I CAN'T EFFING WAIT).

I also miss writing for the very cynical, Seto Kaiba.

I'll be done in about two weeks with this semester. I'll be studying for the GRE and fanfiction writing for the first part of summer. Updates will be sporadic from the end of June to the end of July (that's when I have summer classes this time). Then, they may or may not be sporadic for August until the start of Fall semester. Depends on how crazy studying for the GRE Subject test and application crap gets.

I can't wait to write a rant post about how blah this semester was.

I can't wait for it to be over so I can actually focus on relevant stuff in my life.


So, I've been dead a while (obviously, metaphorically). I had SO MUCH of the major life things that I was going to get done in December and then they effectively got slapped back in my face with a resounding "NO!" that I don't even want to talk about how they happened anymore. Some of it bled into January and the beginning of this semester, too. So, to make that long story short, I wasn't able to take the GRE, and thusly, apply to the I-O psych program; my friendship with Kyle is super rocky and it's bled into my friendship with my best friend of TWELVE, FREAKIN, YEARS, Pj; the guy I super liked doesn't like me (I told him and we had a convy), but he rly wants to be my friend so I'm trying to figure out how to deal with that because I've never had my crush that didn't like me still want to be friends; I still have students from my last semester class bitching about their grades; I'm still not sure about my class of students for this semester; I'm not really liking my electives that I picked out for this semester; and general bullshit from work about stupid colleagues siding with the manipulative GA I work with about this stupid Vagina Monologues thing. I'm sure there is other minor crap that is bothering me too, but I can't even remember right now.

BUT! Let's list some of the good things I have right now (even if they are effing minor):

I was able to talk my advisor into holding off on finishing this counseling crap under the guise of using the gender and racial conflict certificates to "further competency" for my effectiveness as a counselor w/o telling him I don't want to do counseling anymore (this will enable me to wait out the time I need to reapply for the I-O psych program and not be mad about doing counseling work with stupid colleagues AND keep the assistantship as my job while I figure out how they hell I'm going to do shit).

I'm also planning on getting a cross-cultural negotiation conflict certificate in South and East Asian countries. I wanted to start this in summer or fall because I want to learn Chinese for this certificate. China will eventually be on par with the U.S. in business and I think it would make me an awesomely-marketable I-O psychologist if I also had this piece of paper under my belt too (and will help me get into the I-O program at UA).

Altho boy I super-like (Joe) doesn't like me like that, he is prolly the sweetest and kindest person I have ever met and I'm glad he is actively trying to show me that he doesn't feel awkward with my confession and want to still be friends. :)

One of the CSM's I used to work with at Hellmart...I ran into the other day coming out of my Civil Liberties class in the Business Admin. building (he's a marketing management major) and he said he was also planning to get a South and East Asian cross-cultural negotiation conflict certificate starting in Fall by taking Chinese. We said we should let each other know because we could be study-buddies. ^_^

I have only been phased into the kung fu studio for about a month and half and I already have 3 fighting forms (even if they are baby ones, lol). That's extremely good, if you don't know. :) I am super-beastly at one of them right now. Moo ha!

Every time I go to kung fu for anything, I realize it's one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It has really changed my life and I hope I can continue it until I die.

I am grateful for the support and patience of my online friends and fans for not making me feel even worse through all the crap I've had to go through the past two months since I haven't been updating.

I am so glad that I met my friend Ian and my recently-awesomeized friend Mee Shell (that is my nickname for her) because they have helped me and supported me so much over the past two months and I am so glad that I have met them.

The GA I currently work with is officially walking in MAY, so I don't have to deal with her in summer even. I'm even considering going to her grad party and buy her a gift b/c I'm glad she's fucking leaving. What my intent will really be is, "Yes! I'm so glad you're leaving. I'll gladly buy you a gift and celebrate THAT YOU'RE LEAVING." (I feel like I've identified WAY too much with House as of late, lol...)

I love House and Castle! Besides kung fu, these shows have carried me through these recent turbulent times.

Even if my students do not agree with the things I present, I have found some excellent ways to present information and supplemental information to help them at least consider another point a view on certain subjects or question what they already know. This makes me super happy in teaching again, at least.

And this is super trivial, but I am still excited about it -- Coffee is excellent to have before I go into lecture/class when I teach.

I know most of the things that are good and immediate are small, but the big things on this list may not be happening just yet, but I feel they will promise a big positive reinforcement in my life. It's at least something to look forward to.

What most of you are here for -- UPDATES: I re-acquainted myself with the Kaiba fic (as it's been a few months since I've been able to do anything with it), and I am satisfied with chapter 18. I remember thinking about wanting add more and thinking that the flow "didn't feel" right -- that was most likely the stress talking. I have a small chunk of chapter 19's d-storm set up (the Kaiba and You convy is SO interesting and reminds me of conversations that happen on House, lol!), so I'll get to work on that right away...after I get caught up in hw. I know for certain after Feb. 19th that I'll have more time to devote to the fic b/c that stupid GA-co-org. bs about the Vagina Monologues will be over with (I am so excited not to work with her). I did post a re-edited chapter 12 ("Like a Drama-Filled Sitcom") on FoSFF today. Surprise for the newer fans, lol. In any case, I'll have to re-check the file Concakes sent me of the beta for chapter 18 before I post. Expect it soon since I've had like two snow days this week (aka, lots of hw got done, lol).

I'd also like to say, I'm really happy and excited for the Kaiba fic. I know many authors/authoresses are modest about their plans for ficwork, but I feel proud of what I have planned for you all (aka...5 books. >:3). When I feel proud of what I have planned and work on, it fuels my passion to finish it. And, if the fans in general really like it, that just adds to my passion. I re-read most of book one and I still laugh at things from character dialogue and even get amazed with some of the descriptions I've written. I know I'm not the best, and I don't plan to be, but I really enjoy this hobby. Especially because it allows me to analyze and apply personalities, something I've done for years. I'm also really happy for the overall progression of the overall relationship between You and Kaiba. I feel it's believable and will be fun to watch/plan to unfold for me and the audience. I know I'm only almost done with book one, but I've managed to find new ways to cherish the main characters Takahashi has created, and I've even began to really like You (Kenzie Ray). She started out really awkward and disconnected, even when I was writing her, but I see that her character was even pushing me, the authoress away. I feel this is reflective of her character and something that Kaiba has been the only to manage to slowly (but forcibly) pick away at, which has allowed me as an authoress to really get to know the character as well. I know that revelation is really deep, but I think good writers are also influenced and create relationships with the characters they write for anyway. Hopefully, I'm on the right path with this as well. :)

I'd love to ramble more for you all, but I got to go get some stuff done. :) Til next time.

Dec. 30th, 2010

Hello, my lovelies!!!! It's good to be back and rarin' to go on fic work. I would like to do some of that today, but I do have some other things I must finish today before I start that stuff. First off, I think an update is in order.

My students still stuck. I still have people emailing, saying to check their grade again because they don't think it's right. I'm not going any deeper because it will just piss me off. I'll just be glad when I have a new class. I'm hoping they won't even be 3/4 as retarded as my last one. Also, need to be a bitchy teacher apparently -- that's on my fake new year's resolution list, lol.

I went to visit my *friend* Kyle. Planes are awesome -- they are like roller coasters and I love it. :D However, in not so happy news, I'm not sure if Kyle and I are friends anymore. (Before I go any further, I'm sorry if this story serves as a trigger.) The night I got to Arizona, Kyle, his two roommates and I stopped at his one friend, Sammy's mom's house cause it was half way between Phoenix and Flagstaff. She was really touchy feely...and I'm weird with that if I don't know a person well enough. Well, when we went to leave, she hugged me (which I was expecting) AND SHE KISSED ME ON THE NECK (also, I was half asleep for this crap too..., which didn't make it any better for my already rattled nerves).

Well, during the first half of my trip, Kyle was acting really weird. Like, more than I remember when he was here in Ohio. He kept telling me how happy he was when I was around, asking if I thought his roommates were nice people, if I'd move to Flagstaff because Akron sucks so much, and if I'd move down to Flagstaff if my parents lived down there (he knows I'm very close with my family). Yeah, weird. Also, for the record, I don't like Kyle like that. Well, Tuesday night, Kyle had made some epic dinner (curry doughnuts -- they were ironically, very good), and I was in the kitchen getting a plate. I am short, so I was reaching to get it and I saw Kyle move behind me from the corner of my eye, and I figured he was going to the fridge because it was right to my left. Well, Kyle poked my sides from behind me and I freaked out on him. Freaked out as in, setting off a death aura and saying, "Kyle, you can't do that! You know the reason why you can't do that!"

A lot of you may be wondering why I'm weird with this sort of thing, well... I know this was going to be said eventually, but I was molested by my grandfather on my biological father's side when I was 7. Kyle also knew this, and he knew about where I was at in progress regarding the issue. I don't think Kyle understands exactly how much he triggered in me when he did that. I also feel horrible because my trust was completely shattered with Kyle, and I didn't want to be friends with him after that, but I also didn't know how to approach him about it either, because I didn't want to lose him as a friend.

Well, upon some reflection and some encouragement from a very special person (:D), I called Kyle on that Monday when I got back because I figured out a discrepancy in his story. Kyle had told me later in the week that he had told his roommates to leave me be (they wanted to help cheer me up after the Sammy's Mom incident) because I have touch issues like, whoa compared to most people. I couldn't see how he said he "forgot" about my issues when he told his roommates not even two days before about why they couldn't address the issue with me. Well, the phone conversation ended poorly, even with my conscientious rehearsal of how to bring up the "forgetting". Kyle said that I didn't trust him (well, it was true after that), that I used and manipulated him. That hurt soooo much. I have never done those things to him, and if I did...I never had those intents (which you'd have to have intent to do those things, anyway). I felt like Kyle was ready to not be friends with me (He had already unfollowed me on Twitter before our conversation on the phone!). I can't remember most of the conversation, but he kept talking me in circles, so I told him, if you keep talking to me like that, I don't want to be friends with you.

Later, I talked with my best friend Pj (we are all three mutual friends), just to inform him about what went down so he wasn't surprised, and he said he was talking with Kyle about it. So he did. Apparently, Kyle and I were still okay according to him, and I called Kyle immediately to tell him I was sorry about my issues and that the whole thing happened. He said he'd call that Friday (Xmas Eve). He still hasn't called.

That was pretty much all of that week. There's more but I'm too angry and upset to finish the update post. I hope everyone else's holiday has been going good, at least.



I just got back from my week vacation...that wasn't a vacation. I'll have more on that in a later post...much later unfortunately. I still need to do xmas shopping, do a little baking, pack for home, go home, and study for the GRE. BTW, I take that test on Dec. 29th. So after I take that test, I'll finally be able to do some writing/updating! I am very happy! And after Jan. 15th, I will have a lot of free time freed up, b/c I'm taking those elective classes spring semester. So yay for hw I like and will do quickly to do other things I want to do (like fic writing).

I love you all! I will make my xmas gift to you all will be consistent updates in the the new year! ^.~

EDIT: DAMMIT! I did forget eventho this is the main reason I wanted to do a post...


I was unable to use internet while on my vaca, so it is late. ;(

Also, I just know that your xmas/bday wishes card will get to you late as well. I haven't sent it yet b/c I am a confuzzled person right now. :)

Obligatory Fail Rant.

I don't think I'll have the chapter 18 update when I want it updated (I was planning before Dec. 10th). I just have too much shit to do. I have two papers to write for classes I'm completely checked out of, grading for my UTTERLY IMMATURE AND RUDE STUDENTS (extra credit, presentations, term papers, plus final grades), application materials for UofA's I-O psych program I'll never get into, and study and take the GRE.

And have all of it done in the next week and a half.

Oh, and I had a meeting with one of the professor's for the I-O psych program to ask questions so they could see I was seriously interested in the program, but he emphasized that the first look at GPA and GRE scores for deciding factors. I'm completely screwed. I don't have a good track record with standardized tests, and I know the GRE will hold me back. I KNOW I have everything else, but everything always depends on these stupid tests that are used as instruments to weed people out. It just pisses me off to no end. I know I'm smart enough to be in the top programs I want to be in, but I just can't seem to show it anywhere beforehand...like the application crap. I am srsly about to give up at school -- this is just too ridiculous and I have fought too long for this to be denied because of some stupid test. If they need tests to define how you perform, then fuck school.


Um...so, it's been a while since a post -- forgive me. I am honestly very busy trying to get this I-O Psych program stuff figured out. And I'm not going to lie, Boy has sufficiently kept me preoccupied with his super subtlety. Or lack thereof. More on that later.

So, this weekend, I srsly need to get my last two papers done for those last two counseling classes I have. I have made it my goal. I'm also only going to provide leeway to finish them into the beginning of next week, because then it's Thanksgiving break, and I have bigger fish to fry -- the GRE. Apparently, I'm really awesome at math, but can't talk (my verbal section skills lack...). I'm hoping this will be good for the programs I'm going into. I can write very well, and I communicate effectively, just not according to the way they say in the GRE book. Educationalism at its finest. LOL. /anyways...

Um, from there, I should be pretty rarin' to go on at least finishing, finalizing, and uploading chapter 18 before the end of the semester (Dec. 10th). I can go back to fic work after that because 1) I'll be on break, 2) I take the GRE on Dec. 10th, so that will be done, and 3) um...I'll be on break!

Okay, so, I've been paranoid about over-analyzing stuff that Boy's been doing over the past couple of weeks, but he did something Monday night after kung fu practice that really made me re-think my paranoia. We had all left in a group and were going down the ramp that leads up to the recreation center, and this other guy I talk to a lot from class was talking with me on our way out. Mind you, the ramp is somewhat narrow and there were quite a few people leaving with us. Then all of a sudden, Boy comes OUT OF NOWHERE and comes right in the middle of us, blocks my view of other boy, turns his head towards me and starts talking to me. It was enough for me to almost facefault in real life! (I also felt bad for the other guy, b/c it seemed like he got his sh*t wrecked...mer.) We shall see what happens tomorrow (it's extra practice day), since I haven't really spoken with him since Monday...

And I found out today that I have a stupid assignment to do for one of my counseling classes (an extra one)! GRRR! Just let me be free of these stupid assignments already! >.<#####

Til next time!!!

So...I'm still quite alive. I think. Just very tired. Let's make a bullet point list of the crap that's happened since the last post, which was a week ago???

1. I had meetings with every single one of my students (except for like, 2...they are tomorrow, tho) -- they were still bitching about evaluations and saying I was an incompetent teacher, and I even had to ask one girl to leave because she kept making snide remarks after I told them that a 300 level (junior status) class WAS HARD, and they were not going to always get A's. It's like they didn't believe that I knew anything about statistics or math, either, because I'm a girl...but after I did EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEIR GRADES, they finally believed me. I can't wait for a new class. I really enjoy some of my students, don't get me wrong, but this class...ugh. Now I have some girl harping me about one day she missed because she comes in late all the time. It's not my responsibility to make sure you're there -- I don't even have to give you points since you come in late. EFFING SUCK IT UP. BTW, I should tell you about the "fight" I had in class with the girl who I asked to leave sometime. Crazy bullshit.

2. I made up the rest of the quizzes for this semester for the class I teach. Thank god. I'm done being invested in teaching these students -- they've made my life hell. Also, I created that final project rubric evaluation thing. Yay. All I have to do is grade them and do final grades -- I can coast for the rest of teaching.

3. I found out it's not too late to get into an I/O Psych program. And I didn't miss the deadline for GRE stuffs, so I've signed up to take it a month from now...which means I have to put fic work on a hiatus until afterwards. I'm kind of sad tho, but after I take the GRE I'll have a whole month and half (my winter break) to do updates!!! :D So, besides studying for that test for a solid month and getting together the stuff I need for applications to schools I want, er...yeah. I'll just be doing that. Got confused and didn't feel like backspacing. I'll also be working on getting letters of recommendations, personal statements, resumes, CVs, etc.

4. I need to pound out the last two papers in COUNSELING THAT I'LL EVER TAKE (so I can concentrate on studying for this bullshit GRE test). I decided to take the suggestion my current advisor told me, which was to take a semester of electives -- I'm currently enrolled in Transnational Womens Issues; Women, Minorities, and the Media; and The Supreme Court and Civil Liberties. These are all for the two certificates I'm going to get in Racial Conflict and Women's Studies (the latter will help with the teaching I'll be doing for a while). I'm so excited not to take counseling classes -- you have no idea!

5. I got personally invited to train at Sifu Allen's kung fu studio as of this past Tuesday (it's the only way you get into the studio)!! WOOOOO!

6. I finally worked up the guts to get the plane ticket to go see Kyle in Arizona. I'm not so stoked about traveling by myself. I'm more okay with dying in a plane crash than the possibility of some large man taking advantage of me since I'll be ALONE. Luckily we learned a very cool technique in kung fu that allows us to attack in narrow space -- I can defly execute it in a plane aisle if need be. ^______^ Still freaking out nonetheless.

7. I REALLLLLYYYYYY don't like my best friend's boyfriend. #justsayin. But I do find it amusing that I can talk him in circles. Makes it so I can defend my best friend when he's being a douchebag.

8. I think I kinda like this one guy from kung fu...he's in the srs beginner course currently at the studio, but I'm kinda certain he doesn't like me that way, but I can't tell and it's making me slightly frustrated. I've decided to ignore it and tell myself that he doesn't like me like that. I figure if he does like me, he'll think it's me playing hard-to-get and he initiate whatever. If he doesn't like me then I'll already be trying to resolve said possible feelings for him. But I also don't know if he has a girlfriend...he's such a nice guy, I'm certain he's taken! And it doesn't help that the only day I was available for extra kung fu practice isn't with a majority of peoples' schedules, so it's usually just me and boy. >.<#

9. Um, I'm sure something else happened, but I can't remember. Either that or nothing actually happened but it felt like it did because so much happened this past week. @_@. On that note, I'm going to quickly do my kung fu exercises I need to do and go to bed. Kbye.

Still trying...or something OR /book.

Gah. I want this semester to be over SO. BAD. At least that way all this uncertainty would be certainly known then.

I found out I can't do the statistics program b/c I don't have all the pre-requisites they require. Morons. I know I could do it anyway! >.<#### So, my other option is doing the composition track for English (so, a masters in English). This specific track would allow me to know how to teach people to read and write effectively, which, I've always liked to do, and I could always use more info on how to read and write better. Plus, I saw a lot of the classes focus on scholarly writing (like journal articles/research stuff), so I don't think that English is a bad second option. It just sucks because stats would help me so much more...grrr. At this point, I just don't care -- I want out of the counseling program. Every time I think about having to do one more semester, I'm on the verge of tears.

Speaking of being overwhelmed, I had a meeting with my counseling advisor today about the burnout I'm feeling from the program. I honestly think I care too much about the field and helping people and I've spent so much of my passion to help people this way that I just can't see myself doing any clinical work, even if I may be good at it (which is hard to hear from possible, future colleagues and professors when you're so demotivated, and not feeling you'll be able to give your 110%). Anyhow, the meeting went surprisingly well. I thought he was going to try to get me to stay because I only have a few things left to do... But he actually brainstormed with me to see if I had more options because "he wanted to make sure that I was doing what was right for me." Maybe he seemed more open to doing it when I told him that I it made me upset to tell him how the program's been making me feel, but it was hard to b/c I have a passion for helping people. It's a pressure that is hard to deal with, though. And he hit how I was really feeling right on the head (I'm pretty sure he used his awesome counseling technique to feel it out, too) and said he "was wondering if I had felt guilty for not being able to complete the program and that's why it was hard for me to tell him about this." I was almost reeling from shock (because I was actively trying to hide this) and I started to tear up, so then I felt worse. /emo. Proud I didn't really cry tho!!!

If I can't get into English, I'm postponing entering practicum for spring, but then I'll have to take all elective courses (which I don't think is bad...but I'd rather be working towards something at this point in my life).

I got a call from my friend Kyle (one who's now in Arizona), and I don't know why I don't talk to him everyday like I used to -- I always feel better no matter what my mood after I talk with him. He also said he's going to send me his Pokemon Pearl game because he's going to buy Diamond. That means I can play a game with him!!! I've always wanted to do that (he's big into online games and MMOs)!!! We're also waiting for Pokemon Black and White to be released in the U.S. -- it's gonna be so awesome!!! I'm also supposed to book a flight out to go see him over the holidays for a week, but I'm quite hesitant because I'd be on a plane alone...with strange people I don't know (Now you all are getting a peak into the very paranoid side of Ashley here...). So many bad things could happen... Mer. I wanna see him really bad b/c Akron has sucked even more since he left. He was the one friend that kept me going in this shitty place. I'm sure my desire to see him will win out, but traveling alone is awwwwwwkwaaaaaarrrrrrrrd. :\

Also, since I've changed the course format for my whiny students who don't study, they have their first quiz today. Over one chapter. That they were told to study for last Thursday. From what the student assistant told me before I left, from what she had graded the highest grade was a 64.8%. Not looking good -- when are they going to take the class seriously?! Hell, ME seriously?! I guess it's at least good that my boss has my back on this. She had looked over the midterms and she was like, "What is wrong with these students? They were complaining to you and it's so clear that they didn't study based on the answers they gave on this test. The issue is laziness." :D She is a cool lady. I will hate to see her go next semester. T_T

Ian came over today and he brought me a cookie to make me feel better! It was a yummy cookie! Made me feel so loved from just bringing food specifically for me. LOL. I recently introduced him to The Slayers, so we finished up the first season and started NEXT. I crocheted the whole time. I know I told my students I'd have something graded tonight, and maybe for them to see, but they're constant bitching about my ways of evaluating their performance has certainly demotivated me -- especially when they keep failing the alternative ways of evaluations they asked for!

Anyway, I was crocheting a shawl for one of my good friends who got accepted into a good art school (graduate level program) in Savannah, Georgia. I had to restart it three times because I kept f*cking up the edges tho...GRRRRRR. Connie! I was thinking of making you a light shawl or scarf (since it'll be mid summer for you when our American holiday season comes about?) for all the support you've given me with the fic and life and such. (Hint, hint -- what's your favorite color or what color would you like??)

At least with all this craziness (GA bullshit, program suckage, dealing with no friends to hang with, etc.), kung fu has been going well, and lots of the experienced people keep telling me I'm doing a good job. I'm really excited about it, so I hope that means that I may be invited for serious training at the end of the semester. :D

Anyway, I'm hoping to get some fic work done this weekend, but I am going home to help clean my dad's father's house (because he passed away last month). I offered to help because I know my dad doesn't have many people to help him, so I'll be giving up a lot of weekends until it's cleaned and ready to be sold. I'm also thinking about adding some things to chapter 18, based off of Ms. Beta's input for it, to make it better, so be on the look out for a second wave of beta-ness, C-Beta!!!

I hope everyone else is having a better time with life than I am. I need to go finish the awesome Chipotle food I got today with Ian, do my kung fu (b/c I keep procrastinating all day and then I do it late at night, which then compounds my stress-induced sleeping problem I've been having recently), shower, and go to bed. Gah. I'm such a wreck right now. :\